19 March 2022: Unite for a #WorldAgainstRacism !

19 March 2022 UN Anti Racism Day

Act now for a #WorldAgainstRacism

Unity against all forms of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism · Unity against the rise of fascism

Join us in organising the international #WorldAgainstRacism actions on UN Anti Racism Day, 19 March 2022. 

Read the call:

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Movements that have signed the call so far:

Other broad movements against racism and fascism that wish to sign the declaration should contact us through this form.

Graphics for 19 March 2022

Actions 2022

Below you can open the map of the actions notified so far for this year’s international antiracism day.

There are events of different types, but all will take into account whatever safety measures concerning Covid that are still necessary in each situation.

Add your actions to the map!

United movements against racism and fascism that have called actions on (or around) 19 March 2022 should post the details on this form, so they can be included on the map.

Click here to see the map of international actions planned for 2022:


Nej til Georgia Meloni! Fascister er ikke velkomne!

English   ελ   DA Valget i Italien, hvor Giorgia Meloni og hendes fascistiske parti, Fratelli dÍtalia, fik 26 % af stemmerne, må få alarmklokkerne til at ringe overalt i verden for alle modstandere af fascismen og dens katastrofale historiske følger. Melonis sejr betyder, at hun overgår Matteo Salvinis højreradikale Lega som den ledende kraft …

Όχι στη Τζόρτζια Μελόνι! Οι φασίστες δεν είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι!

English   ελ   DA Η εκλογή της φασίστριας Τζόρτζια Μελόνι και του φασιστικού της κόμματος Αδέφια της Ιταλίας που κέρδισε το 26% των ψήφων, πρέπει σημάνει συναγερμό σε όλο τον κόσμο για όλους όσους αντιτίθενται στον φασισμό και την καταστροφική ιστορική του πραγματικότητα.  Η νίκη της Μελόνι, ξεπερνώντας την ακροδεξιά Λίγκα ως ηγεμονική δύναμη …

No to Georgia Meloni! Fascists not welcome!

English   ελ   DA The election of fascist Georgia Meloni, and her fascist party Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia) gaining 26 percent of the vote, must set a ringing alarm bell around the world for all those opposed to fascism and its catastrophic historical reality. Meloni’s victory, overtaking Matteo Salvini’s far right League (Lega) …