Aufstehen gegen Rassismus

Aufstehen gegen Rassismus –

Stand Up Against Racism – Germany

In Germany, the radical right-wing party AfD (Alternative for Germany) has established itself in all regional parliaments since it was founded in 2013 and has once again been elected in to the Bundestag in September 2021. Although the party lost some of the votes in comparison to 2017, it still presents a real threat to democracy, because it has contributed to the normalization of racist, Islamophobic and antisemitic positions.

As of February 2022, the fascist wing of the AfD is rapidly gaining influence within the party. Regarding the Covid pandemic, the AfD presents itself as the parliamentary arm of the protests against Covid safety precautions and vaccine mandates. AfD representatives openly spread disinformation, conspiracy theories and fake news about the coronavirus and the vaccines. Some representatives also participate and call for the illegal demonstrations against the Covid safety precautions, that are happening all over Germany and are initiated by far-right extremists.

Therefore, we are protesting against the AfD – our goal is to isolate and to stop the AfD. There must be no cooperation with the AfD! There must be no stage for its racist, national, anti-democratic policies – not on the streets, not in any talk show and not in any parliaments.

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