Aufstehen gegen Rassismus

Aufstehen gegen Rassismus –

Stand Up Against Racism – Germany

In Germany, the AfD, a radical right-wing party that was founded a few years ago as a Eurosceptic party, today works as an anti-migration party with racist, Islamophobic and sometimes antisemitic slogans. The fascist wing of AfD is growing. The party has been represented in parliament as the strongest opposition party since the last Bundestag elections.

Unfortunately, this has contributed a great deal to the normalisation of racist discourses. This year, elections are taking place in some federal states and the AfD could be very successful. We fear that for the first time a state government with the participation of the radical right AfD could be formed. This year we will therefore have to invest a lot of energy in demonstrations and empowerment offers all over the country.

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