UAR Ireland

United Against Racism, Ireland

United Against Racism, Ireland

United Against Racism (UAR) is a membership based grass-root all-Ireland democratic organisation conducting its activities based on the following principles.

UAR rejects all forms of racism and discrimination including Islamophobia, anti semitism and anti-Traveller racism

UAR is against all scapegoating of migrants and minorities

UAR calls for the abolition of the Direct Provision System, opposes the system of detaining and isolating asylum seekers and supports the call for amnesty for asylum seekers

UAR is for the normalisation of all undocumented migrant workers in Ireland and opposes all deportations

UAR calls for opening the borders to refugees and rejects ‘Fortress Europe’ policies

UAR supports the call for recognition of Traveller ethnicity

UAR supports the principle of NO PLATFORM for Fascists

UAR’s policies and strategy are democratically determined by its members

UAR is an independent organisation aiming to form links with other organisations, political parties, community groups and trade unions in its campaigns and activities

UAR welcomes the affiliation of other organisations and invites people to join as members based on the principles above.

UAR’s main focus is to campaign against racism but we are also opposed to all other forms of oppression and discrimination including sexism, anti-trans discrimination, homophobia, discrimination against the disabled, people with mental health difficulties and religious minorities. We stand in solidarity with groups, movements and campaigns working to oppose all these forms of oppression.

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