Save Immigrants Osaka

Save Immigrants Osaka

Save Immigrants Osaka

Save Immigrants Osaka (SIO) is a group that helps detainees, undocumented people and asylum seekers in and around Osaka, Japan.

The group is relatively new, founded in 2018. Before we formed the group, some members were involved with activities against hate speech against non-Japanese people, especially Korean living in Japan. Others were working to stop far right movements and change conservative politics. Gradually, we noticed the situation of detainees, undocumented people, asylum seekers and came together.

So, we decided to do something for them. There are so many problems here in Japan, such as too many deportations in spite of low refugee admission, and a harsh detention system. Now, we help the people who are in detention centers, protest against detention centers, organize demonstrations, help people who are on bail, hold public events, and advocate.

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