War creates refugees #WorldAgainstRacism

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More than half a million people have fled Ukraine since Russia began its invasion last week. As we saw in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and many other places, the first victims of wars are the ordinary people.

Open the borders to all refugees

The European states must act on Ukrainian refugees and allow free-safe passage for all people, Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian, fleeing the country.

We have seen horrifying scenes reported, where people from black communities fleeing the war in Ukraine (African and South Asian people) are facing racism and are being blocked as they attempt to flee into Poland. We must stand up to racism and demand that everyone fleeing war has a right to leave and seek safety, and demand that governments welcome all refugees.

Once again governments are failing in their international obligations – just as many failed to respond appropriately to the crisis in Afghanistan.

In one of the largest conflicts in Europe since World War II drastic measures to ease the humanitarian crisis are required now.

For more than a decade we have seen the brutal border barbarism of the EU that let tens of thousands of refugees die in the Mediterranean, Aegean and at the land borders. At summit after summit, the main aim of the European states has been to build a racist ‘fortress Europe’ in the face of unfolding human suffering.

Solidarity with Ukrainian and all other refugees

We must demand more support, including funding, housing and guarantees for no forced returns for all refugees fleeing as a result of the Ukrainian war. Words are not enough – we need real actions. These should be extended to all refugees at the European borders. The murderous pushbacks at the borders and the inhumane detentions in refugee camps must end and all refugees worldwide should be treated with dignity and human rights.

No to racism, no to anti-refugee policies

The refugee crisis of the past decade has triggered a racist backlash by the governments across Europe, and far right, fascist and racist populist elements across the world. Racism is a poison that divides our communities in the midst of the social and economic, and now pandemic and ecological, failures of governments. From housing to jobs, refugees and migrants are not the cause of the problems facing the majority of people.  These problems are caused by governments which are only too happy that the refugees are blamed for these. While there is plenty of money for war, there is never enough for the wellbeing of ordinary people.

We call for a Europe of solidarity with refugees, migrants, and minorities.

Today all anti-racists must unite in solidarity with the refugees to build a better world for all.

Open the Borders

Welcome all Refugees

Reject all forms of racism

Join us on our international day of action on 19 March 2022: Unite for a #WorldAgainstRacism https://worldagainstracism.org  

World Against Racism and Fascism, 01/03/2022

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