PRESS RELEASE: PROTEST FOR A #WorldAgainstRacism  #19M2022

PRESS RELEASE… for immediate release

Monday 17 January
 PROTEST FOR A #WorldAgainstRacism 

On Saturday 19 March 2022, World Against Racism & Fascism – an international coordination of anti racist movements – will come together for UN Anti Racism Day to oppose all forms of racism and fascism in a global day of action.

In Britain, the day of action is being called by Stand Up To Racism and the Trade Union Congress (TUC). Mass, yet safely socially distanced, demonstrations have been called for Saturday 19 March in London and Glasgow, and for Sunday 20 March in Cardiff, and will be internationally linked online with demonstrations around the world.

So far, 17 countries have already backed the call with actions planned for the day, with more movements joining.

Today, 17 January, across the world, anti racist movements are launching the call for the day of action on 19 March in a united statement:

See list of the movements that have signed the call so far

Quotes from around the world

Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism co convenor (Britain), said: “Around the world the growth of racist populism and its interaction with the far right and fascism is a sharpening problem we face as anti racists, in our respective countries in one way or another, in 2022. Amidst an ecological, economic and pandemic crisis, we see governments and racist, far right and fascist forces utilise racism to divide people and divert our gaze from those to blame. We need to stand up, and march together in our tens of thousands on 19 March – Black Lives Matter, and we need to build mass anti racist movements built on black and white unity to crush the threat of racist division.”

From Norway: “We see the danger of right wing organizations and their presence in the streets where they try to mingle with the anti-Covid demonstrators. We also have families being torn apart by inhumane refugee and citizenship policies even after we had a government change. This is why we will protest on March 19th!”

6000 Sardines (Italy) said: “On 19 March 2022, 6000Sardines will take part in the march with the World Against Racism and Fascism.  We remember and are inspired by the words of David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament who left us on 11 January: ‘Migration has made our societies richer. It has shaped our culture, languages and led to millions of new friendships and relationships.’ We must push back against the far-right when they attempt to dehumanise those searching for a better life for their families.”

United against Racism and Discrimination (Denmark) said:On March 19th we will mobilise against all forms of racism and discrimination and welcome refugees. The lives of the Syrian refugees are under threat, because more and more Syrians lose their right to live in Denmark. Since they arrived in 2015 they have worked and educated themselves and their children, but now they are sent to detention camps if they don´t go back voluntarily. Racism and discrimination has become mainstream and that opens the door for the radical right and fascism.”

Martin Šaffek (Czechrepublic) said: “To stand up against all forms of racism and fascism means to be human. We want to show that even in the country where there is no parliamentary left like Czech republic can people show solidarity with the refugees in the streets.”

Christine Buchholz, Aufstehen gegen Rassismus (Germany) said: “We also want to link the struggles against racism with the struggle against fascism. Because far right parties and organisations pose a serious threat in many countries. In Germany, our protest on 19 March is therefore also directed against the AfD. It is the parliamentary arm of right-wing and racist terror. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the AfD has tried to grow through the mobilisations of Corona deniers and anti-vaccination activists.”

Petros Constantinou, KEERFA (Greece) said: “On 19th of March we will mobilize to stop Aegean sea becoming the graveyard of refugees, mothers and babies and demand closing of concentration camps. We say open the borders for refugees!This struggle can stop the fascist threat.”

Zjednoczeni Przeciw Rasizmowi, United Against Racism (Poland) said: “The brutal treatment of asylum seekers on the Polish-Belarusian border has already led to many deaths. Governments are  working with each other in their war on refugees. Fascists are treated as respectable politicians. We have to stop all this. That is why a global opposition to racism is so vital. In Poland we will be organising demonstrations on March 19 together with our sisters and brothers in other countries. Our strength is in our solidarity! Refugees are welcome – let them in!”

Platform Stop Racisme (Netherlands) said: “On the 13th of March Platform Stop Racisme will take to the streets in different cities in the Netherlands. Municipality elections are planned in the week after. The neofascist party Forum voor Democratie will participate in these elections in 50 cities. We are building antiracist and antifascist networks in as many cities as possible. We are saying no against fascism and racism! Open the borders!”

Unitat Contra el Feixisme i el Racisme (Catalonia) said: “In the Spanish state, we can see the dangers brought by the electoral growth of the far-right party VOX, with a rise in racist and homophobic street violence, as well as increasing institutional racism. For these and many more reasons, Unity Against Fascism and Racism in Catalunya is keen to take part once more in this vitally important global day of action. No Passaran!!”

Tino Gwenyaya, Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Solidarity Campaign, South Africa, said: “The Zimbabwe Exemption Permit Solidarity Campaign in South Africa is premised on the recognition of the ongoing spread in the racist, xenophobic and fascist currents across the world. It is therefore extremely necessarily to organise internationally, solidarity and action against such currents when and wherever they may arise. The international day of action designated for 19 March 2022 is an important occasion to demonstrate that the struggle against xenophobia, racism, and fascism must necessarily be carried out internationally in order to succeed. The ZEP Solidarity campaign will also be participating in the demonstrations and therefore invites its solidarity partners to join the planned actions.”

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