Despite COVID-19: #WorldAgainstRacism

The Covid-19 Pandemic —combined with the failure of governments to properly protect their populations and a major economic crash— has created the situation where the most abhorrent forms of racism can thrive.

On 21 March 2020, the #WorldAgainstRacism international coordination was set to hold demonstrations in countries across Europe, the US and other parts of the globe, for UN Anti Racism Day. Many of the anti racist organisations decided to postpone their demonstrations, due to the threat posed by the Coronavirus. Yet we pledge to stand together against the racist scapegoating of all communities in this crisis.

This racist offensive can only be fought with united action. We spoke out on 21 March, with diverse, mainly online, actions in place of the postponed demonstrations, as part of the worldwide UN Anti-Racism Day campaign.

The World Against Racism international network will be rescheduling a date in due course to march together internationally against racism and the far-right.

Here are videos of some of the actions that groups held on 21 March.

Stand Up To Racism GB Online Rally

KEERFA action in Athens

21 March committee, Netherlands, TV program

Unity against fascism and racism, Catalonia

Actions in Denmark


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